Xylan Coatings

M Chem is provides application services for the coating of PTFE.

We mainly use Xylan products from Whitford. Xylan coatings provide tailored properties to functioning surfaces.

These coatings have a wide range of properties such as:

  • low friction
  • wear resistance
  • heat resistance
  • nonstick and high release properties

The polymer component also provides it with the additional anti-corrosion property.

PTFE coatings solve the problems created when the ideal material for use in engineering construction has the wrong surface properties.

Parts made from materials with optimum strength, weight and cost may corrode, seize or adhere.

Xylan coatings can be made in many colours to match their surroundings, for colour coding, or to provide functional surfaces.

Molybdenum Disulfide Coatings

M Chem also provides application services of various Molybdenum Disulfide Coatings.

We use coatings like Everslik, Everlube coatings from Everlube Products, Molykote by Dow Corning as well as coatings manufactured by PTI.

These coatings have a wide range of properties such as:

  • low friction
  • wear resistance
  • heat resistance

Some specialty blends also provide additional corrosion resistance.

Phosphate Conversion

Phosphate conversion is the treatment of metals with acidic phosphate solutions. This process converts the metal surface into a phosphate coat. The phosphating process produces a nonmetallic, oil-absorptive coating on iron and steel surfaces.

Benefit of such coating are as follows:

  • Permits rapid break-in of moving parts without scuffing or welding by preventing metal to metal contact between the bearing surfaces.
  • Increases lubrication of treated surfaces due to the oil-absorptive coating.
  • Removes light metal scratches remaining from machining operations.
  • Retards corrosion.
  • Promote the adhesion of paints

At M Chem, zinc phosphate is used.

Grit Blasting

Grit blasting is primarily a pre-treatment process.

It is usually carried out to ensure that the surface of a part is thoroughly cleaned before PTFE coating or the other conversion processes.

Blast cleaning is done in a suction blast machine using mainly aluminium oxide. Other blast medium can also be used.

Protective Coatings

Mechem is fully equipped to handle painting systems that complies to the NORSOK M501 requirement.

Our capabilities include:

  • Zinc rich primer, epoxy and urethane top coat for top side components.
  • Three coat epoxy coating system for components that are being used in the submerged sea water environment.

Other Services

Besides the above listed processes, M Chem are also able to provide various tailor made coating solutions based on performance requirements. Please Enquire with us.